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Florida Revenue Law Library

Welcome to the Florida Revenue Law Library. You can find statutes, rules and other legal information about general tax, property tax and child support in our newly redesigned Library. The new site provides streamlined navigation and advanced search capabilities. We know it can be confusing at first to find a new layout in a location you usually visit, but our goal is to make it easier for you to find the information you need.

Two methods are provided to locate Child Support Enforcement, Property Tax Oversight or Florida Tax information administered by the Florida Department of Revenue:

  • Browse the available document categories using the Browse Categories tab to locate the appropriate materials.
  • Use the Search tab’s basic and advanced features to search all or part of the Revenue Law Library.

Most documents are stored in Adobe’s PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader.

To comment on the website’s functionality or report a technical issue, contact the Revenue Law Library team at:

For specific assistance with child support enforcement or tax-related matters, contact your local Department of Revenue service center or statewide call center.

Recent Additions

The following documents have been added to the library within the last 45 days.

Administrative/All Categories > Enrolled Bill Analyses
# Title DLN
HB 1297 Discretionary Sales Surtaxes EBA-120378
HB 7013 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission EBA-120375
HB 1133 Applicability of Revenue Laws to Out-of-state Businesses During Disaster-Response Periods EBA-120376
HB 0627 Community Contribution Tax Credits EBA-120377
Administrative/All Categories > Tax Complaints Served on Department > General Tax
CACE-16-005511 Oceanside Mile, LLC vs. Broward County, Florida; Florida Department of Revenue TC-120370
Administrative/All Categories > Tax Complaints Served on Department > Property Tax
CACE-16-006673 Thomas Wachtsetter vs. Lori Parrish, as Property Appraiser of Broward County; et al. TC-120379
CACE-16-006672 Thomas Wachtsetter vs. Lori Parrish, as Property Appraiser of Broward County; et al. TC-120380
2015-CA-006511-NC Susan K. Defrances vs. Bill Furst, as Property Appraiser of Sarasota County, Florida; et al. TC-120369
16-2016-CA-001685-XXXX-MA The Prudential Insurance Company of America vs. Jerry Holland, as Property Appraiser of Duval; et al. TC-120366
2015-CA-011042 Gulf Marine Repair Corporation, etc. vs. Bob Henriquez as Property Appraiser, et al. TC-120364
Major Taxes > Communications Services Tax > Tax Information Publication
16A19-01 Changes in Local Communications Services Tax Rates Effective July 1, 2016 TIP-120385
Major Taxes > Property Tax Oversight > Florida Administrative Code - Rules (FC) > Transmittal Memorandums
PTO TM 16-01 Property Tax Oversight Chapter 12D-13 TM-120373
PTO TM 16-02 Property Tax Oversight 12D-16 TM-120374
Major Taxes > Sales and Use Tax > Tax Information Publication
16A01-03 New, Simplified Process for Nonprofit Organizations to Obtain and Renew Sales Tax Exemption Certificates TIP-120381
Minor Taxes > Insurance Premium Tax > Tax Information Publication
16B8-01 Updated Electronic Address/Jurisdiction Database for Determination of Insurance Premium Tax Situs TIP-120371

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